The Highs and Lows of a Hangover

source: Pixabay
source: Pixabay

There’s not much that happens in which I can’t find a reason to write about or learn from, and that includes this hangover I’ve been recovering from all day. Trying to think of anything felt like I was standing on the deck of a ship in the middle of a storm. Now the seas of my mind have calmed down enough for me to formulate some thoughts.

Lesson one, two people should not drink enough beer for three. I feel queasy just thinking about, and most of it came out the way it went in. Maybe I’ve finally learned that lesson.

Lesson two, taking care of yourself while being hungover kind of sucks, but can also build character. While I loved having a girlfriend who would take care of me, it feels good knowing I can do that for myself, now that I’m single.

Lesson three, about the only thing I crave when I’m hungover is a bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup called pho, and since I don’t have a car, there was no pho fo me, so yeah, a car is important (and having the money to get the car).

Lesson four, strange things can happen when you go out drinking, like being unexpectedly kissed multiple times (lips only, no tongue) by a woman who was several years older than me who I’d never met before. All I know is that her name was Renee, so uhhh, thanks Renee!

Lesson five, if you learn to be who you really are, every day feels like a vacation. Life becomes the adventure that it truly is.



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