Waking Up from the Illusion

source: Pixabay
source: Pixabay

This is another early morning post, and this morning I woke up thinking about the illusion of separation; the “me vs. them” and “I’m separate from others” belief that causes suffering.

The illusion of separation is a belief, and it doesn’t exist outside of our own minds. If we believe that we can be separate from each other, then we’re able to compare ourselves to each other — figure out who’s good or bad, right or wrong, and all the shades in between.

What a waste of time and life that is, to compare yourself to others, to judge yourself and others.

Yesterday, on the GBM podcast, I talked about being the change. Part of that idea is to realize that what we think of as outside of us, really isn’t. The things around us are reflections of how we are inside. As long as we think we’re separate, we put ourselves in a more than/less than game.

I know that it’s easy to fall for the illusion of separation, but once you realize it’s an illusion, you have a way of seeing through it.

We cling to our dearly held beliefs, but all beliefs can be shattered. Some people think life is a competition, that animals compete with one another, and we need to compete to see who gets the most of whatever it is we’re competing for. No it isn’t, and no we don’t, unless we choose to believe that. It’s a belief, like any belief, and we can create our own beliefs about life, thereby creating our own reality.

Some people are concerned about how to help others, or make the world a better place, not realizing that they’re stuck in the illusion of separation. There’s no way to improve things while believing yourself separate from the thing you wish to improve.

The simple yet profound answer is that, if you want to make the world a better place, make your inner world a better place, and it will be reflected in your outer world. To think otherwise is to believe that we are separate, which is an illusion.



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