Life Areas: What I Like

I want to share an exercise that helped me out today. In my journal, I listed each Life Area and wrote down what I genuinely liked about each one, like so:

  • Spiritually, I like…
  • Mentally, I like…
  • Emotionally, I like…
  • Physically, I like…
  • Financially, I like…
  • Vocationally, I like…
  • Relationally, I like…
  • Socially, I like…

The important thing with this exercise is that you’re honest about what you like in each Life Area, and that you feel positive about it. The reason I use the word “like” is because it’s a simple way to focus in a positive direction while still remaining calm. There will probably be some Life Areas in which you love certain things, and some Life Areas where you hate certain things. I think it can be too polarizing to focus on what you love and hate, so start with what you like about each Life Area, and that will create a more neutral, yet still going toward positive, energetic state.

Perhaps this exercise will help you out, too.



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