Appointing a New CEO

I have an inner committee – which, for a while, I didn’t realize I had –  and this committee consists of a cast of characters with various goals. At some point in the past, a chief executive officer was appointed to run the show. No, not really appointed, but rather assumed the role, and this CEO became something of a wannabe Fidel Castro.

There wasn’t much equality or fair representation within my inner committee. Part of the mission of my self-improvement journey has been a personal revolution to overthrow this inner dictatorial regime, and I’m happy to say that things have changed, although freedom didn’t occur without its costs.

There’s a new CEO in town, and while no system of governing is perfect, this CEO was elected by my inner committee, and is open to dialogue. I now have a stronger constitution and sense of integrity. Just like talking to my inner coach, I can talk to my CEO and make decisions which, if not always unanimous, then at least the majority of me can agree with. This personal renaissance has invigorated me, my creativity is flowing, and I’m going with that flow.

It’s a brave new world, and it’s getting better, man.



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