Head in the Clouds


Self-improvement can be strange. One moment I feel like I’ve finally got myself figured out, another moment it’s like I’m looking at someone else. By its very nature, self-improvement implies that you’re wanting to improve something about yourself or your situation, which is a noble goal.

Some people want to quibble over the use of the term “self-improvement”, and while I’ve given it some thought, I don’t really care to argue semantics. The important thing is that I knew there were fundamental changes I wanted to make in my life, and I took that first step of a thousand miles.

I find myself in an interesting place these days. My dreams are coming true, yet there are times when I feel somewhat sad, partly because I want to have certain people in my life, yet the more authentic I become, the more they seem to go away. I know this isn’t necessarily true. It’s actually a time of transition. My world is changing from one of in-authenticity to one of authenticity, so whatever and whomever remains or is attracted to me will be authentic.

In some ways my reality has been turned upside down and inside out. I want to be a strong and independent man – calm, cool, confident – which is part of my quest for self-improvement, and yet that means becoming a bigger and greater version of myself than I’m used to. It feels empowering, but also peculiar. I like it, though.

All in all, things are getting better, man.



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