Navigating Emotions

Shipwreck in a Thunderstorm, Claude-Joseph Vernet, 1770

A vital part of my self-improvement journey has been understanding and navigating the sea of emotional energy that each of us are born into. I find it odd that we’re not taught how to do that while growing up; probably because many people don’t really understand their emotions. Some of us who are emotionally sensitive may even come to believe that there’s something wrong with us.

I call it “navigating” your emotions rather than “controlling” your emotions, because emotions are like the sea upon which our ship sails, and we don’t try to control the sea, but instead we control our ship, which is a metaphor for the body and mind. In some ways we inherit the ship and sailing techniques (body and mind) from our parents and culture, but we also have the ability and responsibility to improve our body and mind.

I think this metaphor of sailing helps to explain how and why people behave the way they do because of their emotions. Without the right knowledge of navigating emotions, we’re at the mercy of the sea; sometimes drifting, floundering, or drowning in it.

Our body is the ship that we are given when we were born, and we can learn more about our body and improve it so that it can sail through life more effectively.

Our mind is the captain of the ship, and we can either have an Ahab or Hook type of captain, or maybe one of the more heroic sea captains, but in any case, it’s up to us to either train or reform our minds to be better leaders and navigators.

By “we” I’m referring to our Self/Soul/Spirit. We are the reason any of this matters, otherwise there would be no need to navigate anywhere. Sometimes we listen to all these other captains who have their own ships to sail, and we end up going around in circles, or sailing to places we don’t really want to be. The truth is, we all know where we want to sail to. We all have a true north; a star that shines brightly for us to follow.

How do we know if we’re following our true north? We feel great, in the flow, and purposeful; like we have the wind at our back and in our sails.

I have much more to say about navigating emotions, so I think it will be the theme for the upcoming week. Check back for more articles about this important topic.



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4 thoughts on “Navigating Emotions”

  1. Ooh, emotions. My favorite topic. Heh. I like the word navigating much better than controlling. My emotions have taught me compassion for others dealing with emotions. Sometimes, I feel others emotions as well as my own, and I’m learning to navigate them all.


    1. I know what you mean about picking up on the emotions of others. Like I said in the article from today, I think we live in a field of emotional energy, so there’s not really a boundary between our emotions and others. Emotional sensitives have a knack for sensing emotions, but they need to learn how to use their powers wisely, so to speak.

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