The Sea of Emotions


It’s Emotions Week at GBM, which is similar to Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, except more…emotional.

In my previous article, Navigating Emotions, I compared emotions to the sea, and said that it’s better to learn how to navigate the sea of emotions rather than try to control it. Of course, the metaphor of the sea can be imagined as something else, such as an energy field of emotions, but the point is that we’re immersed in it, it’s an important part of our life, and it’s not something we can draw boundaries around or compartmentalize.

Emotions are always flowing, and if it seems like we keep feeling certain emotions over and over, that’s only because we keep guiding our ship in that direction over and over. If we think angry, fearful, or sad thoughts all the time, the sea of emotions we sail through will feel that way.

Sometimes that’s part of the journey; to sail through different types of emotions. If you’re the adventurous type, like I am, you’ll want explore all the different seas of emotions to see what they feel like. If you’d rather have things be more predictable, you can travel on a cruise ship. That’s something I’d like to do, actually. I’ve had enough of the white water rafting type of emotions. I’m ready to wine, dine, and sip cocktails while leisurely enjoying exotic locales.

The beauty of it is that – while we always have our own ship – we can let someone else sail us around for a while. In fact, we can jump ship at any point, and some people choose to do that.

We’re all sharing the sea of emotions, and we can sail through life however we want. Our work is to navigate our ship in the direction we want to go, exploring the waters, lands, and people that are interesting to us. We don’t need to get bogged down in emotions we don’t enjoy, or engage in naval warfare against someone else. Sometimes we’ll sail together, and sometimes we won’t, but the journey will always be interesting.



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