Emotional Sensitivity

source: Dot knows! (elleturner4)
source: Dot knows! (elleturner4)

Welcome to another Emotions Week article! I can promise you that once you start to gain mastery over this Life Area, you’ll realize how magical life really is, because everything in the universe is energy, and emotions are the way we perceive that universal energy.

Think about it: we’re all plummeting through space at ridiculous speeds. Galaxies are swirling around and crashing into each other. Just because we can’t perceive the movement doesn’t mean we’re not moving. Movement is energy, and we live in an energetic field.

This article will address what it means to be emotionally sensitive; a term that can sometimes be seen as derogatory. When people think of emotional sensitivity in a negative way, they seem to be referring to uncontrollable emotional outbursts or breakdowns, and conditions like anxiety and depression, which I’ve personally experienced. Because we live in a society where fitting in and winning approval from others is such a big deal, we often repress and suppress our emotions, thereby making them unconscious, which is a shame, because emotions are the life-force that flows through us, and ignoring them doesn’t work anyway.

In its most positive sense, emotional sensitivity is the ability to sense the flow of universal energy – the life-force – and with practice, the ability to go with the flow of that energy toward the manifestation of desires.

If you consider yourself sensitive to emotions, or want to gain mastery over your emotions, then I recommend reading my recent article called Principles to Live By, and listening to the latest GBM Podcast (Episode 11), not only because I would enjoy the attention, but also because it contains powerful ideas about how I became emotionally free, and how to flip your perspective around so that you’re living life from the inside out. Instead of reacting to life, you’ll be creating it.

Of course, this is barely scratching the surface. The first step is to free ourselves from unconsciously reacting to emotions, which is where I’m at right now. Then we need to understand how emotions work, which will be the subject of another article.



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