Principles to Live By

These are principles that came to me as inspiration, which I want to live by and share with you.

Loving Unconditionally
Don’t mistake love for personal preference. Love is unconditional, which means you love someone or something just as it is, for its own sake, without asking for it to be different in any way. Personal preference is an opinion you have about the way you’d like something to be. You can still love something even though you’d prefer it to be different. If you feel like you need to change in order for someone to love you, realize that what you’re getting from them isn’t love, but rather their opinion of you. This is also true when it comes to loving yourself. Love is a given and is unconditional. If you want to love someone or yourself, you don’t need a justification or reason. All reasons are about personal preferences. You have the power to love unconditionally.

Choosing to Be Happy
Nothing can make you happy or unhappy. You are completely responsible for your own happiness or unhappiness. Don’t mistake pleasure and pain for happiness or unhappiness. Things just happen, and whether or not you feel happy or unhappy about it is up to you. You can choose to be happy no matter what. Realize that the ability to be happy in any situation is one of the most powerful things you can do, and is the key to your freedom. Along the same lines, realize that no one can hurt you unless you believe they can.

Letting Everyone Be Right
Everyone is right in their own minds. Arguing about right and wrong with someone will only cause them to defend their position. Think about it, when you think you’re right about something, is there anything that someone else can say that will change your mind? Probably not. Well, it’s the same for them. The more you try to convince the other person of the rightness or wrongness of something, the more they will defend themselves. It’s a natural part of our psychology to think we’re right. The best way to convince someone is by example. Let them see and experience it for themselves, and they’ll either learn or they won’t.

There can never be enough appreciation. If you ever feel stuck, or need ideas, just stop and appreciate what’s going on. Appreciate what you have, instead of judging it. Appreciation isn’t about trying to fix or do anything. It reveals all sorts of details about life, and leads to solutions and new levels of understanding.



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