Emotional Freedom


It’s getting cooler these days, weather-wise and figuratively speaking. It’s interesting how sometimes things can be so clear, and then it gets confusing, but never so confusing that we can’t find our way.

I like to imagine that I’m the captain of my ship, and I’m choosing the adventures I’d like to have for the day. It’s up to me! Today, I want to sail toward clear skies and calm waters. I want the wind at my back and in my sails. I know that ultimately life is a choose-your-own-adventure story, and you really can’t get it wrong as long as you believe in yourself. It’s our belief that determines the outcome, and since the journey is eternal, there are infinite outcomes.

The past is another land. It might was well be another dimension. We live in this moment. We create our reality right now. The universe is actualizing around us in real-time, not based on what happened, or what we think will happen. Our personal reality is filtered through our attention and perception. Whatever we pay attention to is what we perceive. If we pay attention to all the things we don’t like, we perceive the world as unlikable. If we pay attention to all the things we like, we perceive the world as likable. It’s really that simple.

Ask yourself: Who gets to choose how I feel? Really think about it, and you’ll realize that you’re in charge of how you feel right now. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, last week, month, year, or decades ago. Your emotions are happening right now, and that’s what matters.

We can choose to be happy no matter what. Placing conditions on our happiness gives power to the conditions. If something has to be a certain way in order for us to be happy, then we are owned by that thing. Sometimes it may seem easier to relinquish our control to others, but it’s never true. No one owns us. No one is higher or lower than anyone else. We’re all part of the same human family.



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