Appreciating the Journey


I know that some of my readers have been following my journey for several years, and I think that’s pretty amazing. I haven’t been paid a single cent for blogging, yet without it I wouldn’t have been able to do other things that have paid me. I think I’ve been about as angsty as you can be on this blog, while at the same time developing my self-confidence and self-acceptance. There were a few of the obligatory “I’m thinking of quitting” posts over the years, and some posts where I had to force myself to write and publish them.

In many ways, GBM is a conversation between my True Self and my lost, confused, and wishy-washy self. When I look back, I can see how the things I’ve written about are now a part of my being, and because of that, my reality and world has changed. Everything has changed for the better, although sometimes I still have self-doubts.

GBM is a kind of road map for me, with sign posts that help me remember my way. I’m very glad to be sharing this journey with other travelers. Getting attention, likes, and followers does matter to some part of me, yet I always measure the success of an article by how much it’s aligned with my personal truth.

Sometimes it’s been back and heart breaking to discover and embrace who I really am, to flip my world around so that I’m living in my body instead of through the eyes of other people. I’m proud to have felt every emotion that’s possible for me to feel, from suicidal despair to mind-numbing ecstasy, from utter loneliness to complete wholeness. I’ve screamed in anguish, cried my heart out, and laughed till I couldn’t breathe. That’s what I want out of life; to feel what I feel, think what I think, do what I do, and be who I am.

Now I’m appreciating more and more how blessed I am, how connected we are, and how beautiful life is.



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