Emotions and Desire


The difference between night and day really is like night and day. In the morning, my level of optimism rises like the sun. I have to admit that writing about emotions all week has dramatically shifted my level of emotional awareness, plus it’s been fun. Today, I want to tie some of what I’ve been talking about together by discussing some powerful ideas I’ve realized over the years as it relates to emotions.

By now I think you can accept that everything is energy, but why do we have emotions? The simple yet profound answer is that there’s only one source energy, and this source energy came into being because of desire – which is also our desire since we come from the same source – and it’s our relationship to our desire that gives us the feeling of emotions. You might be wondering what the purpose of desire is, and my intuition tells me it’s for the development of consciousness. The universe wants to become conscious of itself, which is essentially the same desire that we, as humans, have. But that’s somewhat of another topic.

Some people say they don’t know what they want or desire, but really they do know what they want, because every cell in our body has a desire, and we’re constantly emitting our desire out into the universe. I think what happens is that we’re so used to hearing from people around us the sentiment of “I want this, but…” that we come to believe in limitations and powerlessness.

The belief that we want something, but (insert any ol’ limitation) is what gives us resistance to our desire, which feels bad, hence the term “what a drag.” We give the varying levels of resistance to our desire different names, depending on how resistant we are, with complete dis-empowerment and despair being at the very low end of the spectrum. On the other hand, if our belief is more like “I want this, and…” then we’re allowing our desire to flow, which feels like positive emotions.

It’s funny because we’re so conditioned to be afraid and believe in powerlessness that we almost immediately want to put limitations on not only our own desires, but other people’s, too. It’s the resistance to desire that’s actually the cause of negative emotions. It’s limiting beliefs which makes us think we need to compete against or hurt one another in order to get what we want. Think about it, the world is huge, and the universe is infinite, yet we squabble and bicker over space, resources, and even relationships. The solution is to become more conscious, which is what I believe is our true desire.

Emotions Week isn’t over yet, so I’ll write some more about emotions as inspiration strikes, but I think there’s some pretty good stuff to chew on in this article.



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