Setting Your Intention

This morning, I deliberately set the intention of appreciating myself, which invited thoughts and feelings of self-appreciation into my world. We’re all sharing a world, but we’re also living in our own world, and it’s through our intentions that our world is created.

Intentions are statements about what we want or don’t want, and in either case, we attract it into our lives. When we think about what we want, it comes into our life, and when we think about what we don’t want, it also comes into our life. This realization has completely flipped my world around from feeling powerless to feeling powerful. Wanting something from a place of not having feels bad. It makes us feel powerless; victims of our circumstance.

For example, I woke up this morning feeling a bit lonely, and it would be easy to say “I wish I didn’t feel lonely”, but that would only attract thoughts and memories about loneliness, and reasons why I feel lonely, and so on. Instead, I wanted to appreciate myself (I made it my intention), and that allowed me to appreciate the lonely feelings without pushing against them (pushing against would only keep my attention on what I didn’t want, thereby attracting more of it). Soon the feelings of loneliness dissipated, and thoughts and feelings of appreciation started materializing, which then led to feelings of empowerment and inspiration. Now I’m writing this article, which will create a ripple effect out into the world, creating a positive feedback loop, and all because I made the intention of appreciating myself.



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