Thinking for Yourself

Here’s something interesting that happened. I trashed my first comment on the GBM blog, because someone replied to my previous post with a bullet list of quotes from the Bible.

I don’t have much of a policy when it comes to discussing ideas. As an artist, I dislike censorship, and I enjoy being open-minded, but I do have a standard: you must think for yourself.

When your entire comment is lifted from the Bible, that’s just dogmatic and lazy, and doesn’t leave room for discussion. This goes for anyone who acts as a mouthpiece for an ideology. I’m not interested in repeating old, dead ideas unless there’s something new and personal we can add to it that’s valid right now.

I mentioned God in my last article, not because I’m religious or wanting to convert anybody to my religion, but because I have my own connection and understanding of God, just like the way I have a relationship with my True Self, and it’s a real, living, breathing, blood, sweat, and tears kind of relationship, and I could care less about convincing anyone of the validity of my beliefs.



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