Exploring Thoughts

Last week, we explored the Life Area of Emotions, and this week, I want to explore Thoughts. This article will sketch out some basic ideas. The Life Areas of Thoughts and Emotions are intertwined, and together, I consider them as “the mind”, with the Life Areas of Spirit and Body being the consciousness and organism, respectively. These ideas are maps and models that aid in the exploration of the energetic world.

Thoughts and Emotions have a yin and yang relationship. They push and pull on each other, and out of their dance we get beliefs and feelings. If we stick with the analogy of the sea of emotions, thoughts are the way we navigate through the sea. It’s also the plans we make, and data we collect on our journey. Although I like the poetic-ness of this analogy, it isn’t necessarily the best one.

An important discipline when it comes to thoughts is the ability to focus and de-focus, which I’ll discuss in another article. It happens naturally, but can be improved through practice, especially if we haven’t been taught how to effectively navigate emotions.

I’ve come to realize that I’m the thinker of my thoughts, but the thoughts themselves are their own independent thought-forms. I described how emotions don’t have clear-cut boundaries in which we can say these are my emotions and those are yours – but rather we exist in an energetic field of emotions – likewise, thoughts are within and around us; kind of like the way information is on the internet. It’s our attention to a subject that draws the thoughts to us.

I’ve started to sketch out some ideas, and now I’ll gather my thoughts around this topic, so to speak. Stay tuned for more articles on Thoughts.



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