Modulating Thoughts

This article is an introduction to the concept of modulating thoughts. The exercise of modulating thoughts (or focusing and de-focusing thoughts) is something I’m practicing a lot these days.

Life-Areas-WheelIf you look at the Life Areas Wheel (click to zoom), you’ll see that at the center is your True Self. When people talk about being centered, this diagram is a helpful way of visualizing that. When you’re aligned with your True Self, you’re centered. You’re drawing upon the power and stability of who you really are.

Who you really are is a culmination of those who have come before you, all that you are right now, all that you can and will become, and future generations that will follow you. That’s amazingly powerful! If you’re feeling diminished and dis-empowered in some way, then you know you must be out of alignment with your True Self. You’re paying too much attention to external things, and letting them sap your life energy.

Think of the eight Life Areas as dials on a dashboard that you can use to modulate the harmony between the Life Area and your True Self. At the center of the wheel – being centered – are feelings of empowerment, joy, peace, and other positive, uplifting emotions. This is when you’re the happy and fun loving person you’re meant to be. You feel stable and secure in who you are.

Think of the lines on the diagram that connect your True Self to the Life Areas as lines of energy, or strings of an instrument, and imagine that these strings will either be in tune or out of tune, harmonious or dis-harmonious.

Focusing means turning up the volume of a Life Area, de-focusing means turning down the volume. If a Life Area doesn’t feel right to you, then adjust its volume. If there are things happening in a Life Area that’s very detailed and specific, and it sounds like alarm bells are going off, or it’s giving you horrendous screeching sounds every time you think about it, then turn down its volume! Withdraw your attention from it, and look at it from a broader perspective (I’ll go into more detail about focusing and de-focusing thoughts in another article).

This may be counter to what you’ve been taught, or the way you’re used to reacting to things, but this is how you go from putting out one fire after another, to being the master of your life.

You get to control the kind of harmonics and vibrations that feel right to you. Some Life Areas won’t need a lot of adjustments, others will feel good when you turn up the volume, and some Life Areas just need to be muted for a while. There’s no perfect mix. You get to control how you want to feel. You have the ability, with practice, to modulate the Life Areas to achieve your own harmony.



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