Dreaming (of School)

source: Wikimedia
source: Wikimedia

There are various explanations and theories about dreams, and while I haven’t come to any definite conclusion about them, they obviously have something to do with our psyche, and certainly stir up our imagination, memories, and emotions.

Recurring dreams are interesting. For me, one of them is the “being in school” dream, especially high school, but also art school. Last night, I dreamt about both, and there was even some elementary school stuff, so it was the whole shebang.

I usually dream of school when I’m going through big life changes (which I currently am). In my dream, I was graduating from high school. My ex-girlfriend was there, although in the dream we were still together, but she was acting aloof and distant. I was hanging out with a guy who was basically a combination of every generic, popular white guy I knew from high school. I think I was trying to seem cool to him. I was worried, because to graduate I needed to have my picture in the yearbook, and a recurring theme in these school dreams is the fear of not graduating or “making the grade.”

I was on a mission to find a yearbook to see if my name and picture was part of the graduating class. Skipping past some of the details, I eventually found a yearbook, and was happy to see that I was in it. Interestingly, the picture of me wasn’t one from high school, but rather the one from my GBM About page. I can appreciate the symbolism behind that.



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2 thoughts on “Dreaming (of School)”

  1. If you are open to a dream interpretation, the ream you are describing may involve some fear of not wanting to be forgotten(???) I have a recurring dream but mine involves a river and it is always at dusk. Sometimes I am floating on my back at peace enjoying the view. Sometimes I am scaling the steep and treturous banks and sometimes I am even trying to save people who are near drowning. I think in my dream I am tossing around a lot of my fears, and guilt.


    1. Thanks for your interpretation. I have a thing for nostalgia, and I suppose in some ways that has to do with not wanting to be forgotten, or wanting to hang on to memories. Your dream is interesting. I do think dreams tend to reveal our true emotions about things, but the images are symbolic in nature, and specific to each person. A river can mean different things to different people. I tend to look at my dreams as a way for my subconscious mind to communicate with my conscious mind.

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