Learning to Walk

Something I’m getting better at is living from the inside out. I’m doing more things because I want to, and not because I should, or have to. Something as simple as taking a shower is an opportunity for me to choose to do it because I want to.

A big part of the anxiety I used to feel was because I was doing things out of pressure, either externally or internally, which is to say I did it out of fear. Now I’m choosing to do things out of love and appreciation, both for myself and for what I’m doing. This is one of the most important self-improvement changes I’ve made.

When I live from the inside out, I feel more alive and connected to who I am. I stop worrying about results, and I’m not always comparing and judging things. Instead, I choose to do what I like, the way I like it, and leave it at that. If I keep choosing to do what I like, then the results don’t really matter, and that actually helps me achieve better results anyway.

Living from the inside out, or from the outside in, is a choice we get to make. It’s the choice of doing things out of fear or love. It means we actually need to acknowledge and respect our feelings. I know how difficult and scary it can be to make the switch; to go from seeking outside approval to getting approval from yourself. There are times when I feel as weak as a baby, but even a baby eventually learns to walk, and pretty soon I know I’ll be able to run.



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