Positive and Negative Thoughts


It seems simple enough; positive thoughts feel good, and negative thoughts feel bad. That’s the essence of the inner guidance we were born with, and it’s a great system. If we listen to our inner guidance, we’ll experience freedom and joy. If we don’t, we’ll experience bondage, and come to resent life, other people, and ourselves.

Only you can know for yourself which thoughts feel good, and which thoughts feel bad. People make the mistake of saying one thing, but feeling the opposite. We do this with others, and we do it in our own minds.

In my previous article, I talked about true self-discipline, and this is where it’s needed. When you feel bad, ask yourself what thoughts you were thinking that’s making you feel bad. When you think something, ask yourself how it makes you feel. That’s having true self-discipline; to shine the light of consciousness on your thoughts and emotions. If you’re unconscious to your inner world, then you’ll be controlled by your external world.

Remember that your experience of reality is a reflection of the energy you’re putting out, and energy that’s out of alignment will give less than optimal results. When your energy is aligned, it’s like a focused laser beam that propels you forward at light speed. When your energy is all over the place, you’re just floundering around in circles.

Thoughts that go against yourself, diminish who you are, and dis-empower you are negative thoughts, and will always feel bad. Thoughts that affirm the powerful being that you are, which resonate with freedom and joy, are positive thoughts, and will always feel good.

When you’re down in the dumps, acknowledge that for whatever reason, you’re thinking thoughts that make you feel bad, and make it your intention to think thoughts that feel better, because not only do you deserve to feel good, it’s who you really are.



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