True Self-discipline

Self-discipline is vital in living a purposeful life, and there are many people who offer advice about being self-disciplined, but just as having no self-discipline at all is detrimental to your success, applying a lot of self-discipline in the wrong direction, or to the wrong things, is also unproductive, and you may end up feeling confused and demoralized.

It’s like the example of making sure your ladder is on the right wall before climbing it, or you’ll end up realizing you’ve been climbing up the wrong wall. There are all kinds of debates about which wall to climb, and even the proper way to do the climbing, but here at GBM, I’ll always talk about climbing the wall to who you really are, which I call aligning with your True Self. That puts the responsibility squarely upon your shoulders as to which wall to climb.

Take heart, though, because it’s not a one and done kind of deal. You get to make new choices and decisions, so you’re not stuck if you find yourself on the wrong ladder or wall. The trick is not to worry about the wall, and instead focus on your ladder, which is your alignment with your True Self. This ladder has rungs made of better and more positive emotions as you climb it, and as long as you focus on your own ladder, you’ll be following your bliss. Then it won’t matter which wall you’re climbing. You can take your ladder with you wherever you go.

The basic choice in life is deciding to what, and to whom, you’re going to align yourself with. Do you believe that you were born with inner guidance and wisdom? Do you believe each person has their own inner guidance, and that we each know what’s best for ourselves? If you don’t believe in your own inner guidance, then who do you think knows you better than yourself?

At GBM, I talk about listening to your inner guidance and following your bliss. That may require some practice, but to me that’s the true meaning of self-discipline; to be disciplined in aligning with your True Self.



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