The Law of Attraction and Thoughts

This week, I’ve written several articles about the Life Area of Thoughts, and I think it’s fitting that today’s article is about the Law of Attraction and thoughts, because it’s such an important part of gaining self-mastery. Learning, practicing, and understanding the Universal Laws (of which the Law of Attraction is one) is the next step of self-improvement. It’s the path of becoming a true master.

There are certain principles of self-improvement that could be called “common sense.” Things like think positively, be nice to each other, or hard work pays off. Unfortunately, when these things don’t give you the results you were expecting, it can be very confusing, and even disheartening.

What if you think positively, but still feel like crap? What if you’re nice to people, but they treat you badly? What if you work hard, but see other people (who aren’t working as hard) getting a lot more money?

Life doesn’t seem fair or make any sense until you understand the Universal Laws. You can be told what to do by certain people and groups, but this is only useful in a limited way.

The Law of Attraction is the mechanism by which we receive our thoughts. I know what it’s like to struggle with my own thoughts, and telling someone to think positively when they’re caught in a negative pattern of thinking is pointless, because that’s not how thoughts work.

I’ve fought valiantly against anxiety and depression for years, only to find that these conditions grew stronger the more I pushed against them. In hindsight, I see that my desire for self-improvement did lead me (through the Law of Attraction) to the path of learning about the Universal Laws, so it wasn’t for nothing.

I’ve just scratched the surface, and I’ll continue to share the realizations I make along the way.



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One thought on “The Law of Attraction and Thoughts”

  1. How true, what we think about manifests itself gradually and before you realize its here. You are soon living inside it physically. I wrote down things i wanted to do and they began manifesting by and by.

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