Exploring the Body (Life Area)


This week on GBM, I want to explore the Life Area of Body, which will be of interest to anyone who has a body. In the past couple of weeks, I wrote articles focusing on Emotions and Thoughts, which proved to be fun and insightful.

To begin this journey into the Body Life Area, I’m sitting outside and writing this article in my journal. It’s a beautiful day. I call this “my weather” – sunny, breezy, and cool. There’s a part of my apartment complex that’s surprisingly serene, considering how I’ve documented the barbed wire fences.

These days, my intention is to live more consciously from the inside out, and that’s the approach I’m taking with my body. The first step is to become more aware and mindful. Being mindful of my breath, heartbeat, and physical movements has helped me improve conditions such as anxiety. When I have symptoms of anxiety, I’m able to observe it more calmly, and let it run its course.

My current philosophy toward physical health is to start with my thoughts and emotions. I used to approach it in the opposite direction; from the outside in. I would try to get myself to look or feel a certain way, eat certain things, and satisfy some kind of standard I learned from the media. Now, I start with my internal state and mood. I’d rather inhabit my body, instead of evaluating it. I’m developing trust with my own body. It will tell me what it needs; sun, air, food, water, rest, movement, or hygiene.

I used to think that having an attractive body was the most important thing, but now I see that having attractive energy is better and more powerful. With that said, I want to be fit and strong, and I’m interested in having a nice wardrobe. I’m going to enjoy exploring this topic, and I hope you will, too.



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