Eating Simply


I used to work at GNC, and for a while I really got into planning my diet, taking supplements, and working out. I still enjoy that stuff, but now my priorities have shifted. I’ve been simplifying everything about my life, including my nutrition. I’m buying basic foods, and cooking my meals. The simplicity of my new eating habits has made me appreciate food more than I did before.

Food, like many other things, has a way of affecting our emotions, so it’s common to connect eating with feelings. There’s an insane amount of dietary information, nutrition plans, advice, opinions about what to eat, and what not to eat. My nutrition begins with appreciating and mindfully drinking a glass of water. I listen to my body, and it tells me what it needs. I don’t superimpose my opinions, most of which has come from external sources, onto what my body is telling me.

One of the benefits of “eating simply” is that I’m more appreciative of buying, preparing, cooking, and eating food. I have a better sense of how the food I’m eating is affecting my body. Along with other Life Areas, my emotions are no longer contingent upon food. It’s a natural part of life, which I’m relating to in a way that’s right for me. I love that there’s an abundance of food where I live. There are so many choices and options, which is a wonderful thing. I also love eating simply, appreciating the relationship between food and my body, and my body to myself.



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