Sexual Freedom

I’m glad to have reached the place where my sexuality is my own. There are still some kinks (so to speak), but their my kinks, and I’m OK with that.

My intention is to align with my True Self, and live from the inside out, and my sexuality is a part of that. I like that I’m accepting this creative and powerful part of myself.

Sex is among those topics that everyone seems to have an opinion about, and there can be various fears and taboos surrounding it. I’ve been affected by other people’s belief systems – brainwashed, you could say – and now I’m un-brainwashing myself.

As I wrote in the article It’s All About Getting Off, sex isn’t a Life Area, but is part of the energy that sustains all the Life Areas. However, sex is often thought of as a physical act, and like food, is one of those things that can really hook into our emotions.

Sex can put me in a trance-like state, which I sometimes like, but sometimes I don’t. It can help me be more receptive to creative inspiration. Sometimes I use it to numb emotional pain. I’ve had intimate and loving sexual experiences, and sexual experiences that are better than any porno I’ve ever seen.

My exposure to sex may not have been ideal, but that’s part of my self-improvement journey. My sexuality is all about accepting and loving myself, and this is where words don’t count; I really have to mean it. My emotions and sense of self are connected to my sexuality, so there can be no self-deception here. I’m creating my own rules for what’s right for me, sexual or otherwise.



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