Appreciation 2

source: Sedone's Sketches
source: Sedone’s Sketches

Since this week is about the Body Life Area, and I also want to write about the things I appreciate as I approach the 500th post (the next one!), this article is going to be about my appreciation of sleeping and napping.

I’ve written about my interesting relationship with sleep, like in the article Give Me Liberty (I’ll Take a Nap). If I’m not wanting to go to sleep, I find it’s better to get up and do something, which usually makes me sleepy. It helps if I think of it as taking naps of varying length.

The feeling of wanting to go to sleep is one of my favorite things, along with waking up feeling rested. Something I’ve intuitively known is that whenever I get stressed out, the best thing to do is take a nap. It acts as a reset button. Another important thing for me to do after waking up is to think simple, good feeling thoughts. Rumination can run rampant before going to sleep, and while waking up. I used to say “no room for rumination.” Now I talk to myself about the things I appreciate, and I’m starting to have a positive relationship with sleep once again.

I appreciate having a comfortable place to sleep, whether it’s on my couch or bed. I know many people have to follow a sleep schedule , and they can’t take naps whenever they want. For me, it’s important to design my lifestyle around my energy cycles. I see it as a part of my vocation. I tried the typical 9-5 schedule (or whatever it is these days), but it didn’t work for me.

Writing this article has made me kind of sleepy.

Sweet dreams!



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