Prosperity Abounds

In my previous 500th post on GBM, I talked about starting a new chapter in my life, and while it’s true that my journey of self-discovery has reached a level of depth and expansion that’s beyond words, I know it’s just the beginning.

I woke up today with the intention of appreciating all the prosperity that surrounds me which I get to experience, and which also includes my body. As I took a hot shower, I appreciated that it was evidence of my prosperity. As I made my morning coffee, that was also a sign of prosperity. As I ate breakfast, did yoga, and used the computer, I recognized that I had an abundance of prosperity in my life. My health and well-being is prosperity. A comfortable bed, peace and quiet, and a warm place to live is proof that I’m prosperous. Prosperity abounds in the sun, sky, trees, and city where I live.

When I have anxious or worried thoughts, it’s clearer to see how discordant they are from who I really am. I love prosperity, and being prosperous. I choose to see prosperity everywhere I look. I believe in the prosperity of others. I align myself with abundance, health, wealth, and prosperity. It’s who I am, and what I expect.



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