Exploring the Creative Process

This week on GBM, I’m going to explore several exciting topics, including the nature of Source Energy, how to focus and flow with that energy, and the creative process, which we can use to create whatever we want. You might think of this as a “workshop” of a workshop.

I’ve explored a lot of terrain on my self-improvement journey, and one of the benefits is that I’ve gotten clearer about what resonates with me. That’s a good criteria to have; follow the thing that resonates with you for as long as it remains resonant.

Some of the questions I want to answer this week – of which you might also want answers to – are:

“What do I want?”
“How do I get what I want?”
“How is it I’m getting what I’m getting?”

My job requires me to be creative every day, but life itself is a creative process. I’ve always felt the connection between doing creative work and the creating of one’s life. Going from inspiration, to idea, to producing something is a creative process, and I’ve found that it’s an example of how all things are created.

I’m inspired by different sources, but they all come from the same Source. When I find something that resonates, I know that it’s resonating with the Source within me, which is the Source within everything. I believe we’re meant to discover who we really are; a part of Source Energy and creators of our own reality.



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