The Law of Attraction Notes

source: Thoth Tarot
source: Thoth Tarot

I’m using this phase of my life as an opportunity to immerse myself in the Teachings of Abraham, which dovetails nicely with my own self-improvement work. The following are some ideas and notes which I felt inspired to share with fellow creators of reality.

According to the Teachings of Abraham, the Law of Attraction says: “That which is like unto itself, is drawn.” This Law affects all things at all times.

Thoughts are vibrations, and thoughts of similar frequency and vibration are drawn together via the Law of Attraction. Once we begin thinking a thought, the Law of Attraction brings us more thoughts like it, and if we continue to think these thoughts, they become beliefs.

As I see it, thoughts become beliefs, and beliefs become what Jung calls complexes. By the time symptoms manifest themselves as conditions or diseases, there’s a lot of energy and momentum in them.

When we think, we’re either thinking about what we want, or about what we don’t want. As long as we’re thinking, the Law of Attraction is responding to our thoughts. When we focus on the details of a thought, the Law of Attraction speeds up the momentum of that thought. When we meditate, we de-focus from our thoughts, which slows them down, thereby slowing down the momentum.

Thinking about what we want, and believing it will happen, feels good. Thinking about what we don’t want, or the lack of what we want, or wanting something, but not believing it can happen, feels bad. We can tell what we really believe about something by how it feels. The Law of Attraction responds to our belief, our vibration, and how we feel about what we’re thinking, not the words we use.

Beliefs can’t be destroyed, because the Law of Attraction won’t allow it. We can create new beliefs, and focus on them instead. We can let unwanted beliefs lose their momentum by de-focusing from them, which is basically thinking about them in a more accepting, broad, general, or non-judgmental way. We can speed up the momentum of wanted beliefs by focusing on the details and specifics of them, such as affirming and confirming to ourselves that our wanted beliefs are being realized.



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