Sublime Days


I’m living in sublime days. I walked to the store as it rained – just enough – on me. I talked to my inner coach about life, and the universe. As I slipped through the gate, crossed the bridge, watched the creek run with rain water, I stepped out of the mundane world, and into sacred space. I felt like my path was being laid out before me in real time, and that I was being tracked by my Source’s GPS. I spoke out loud as I walked by the nice houses, stating that I can have something like that if I wanted. I walked by an elementary school that reminded me of my childhood. As the rain fell on my head, and the wind chilled my ears, I thought of being in New Jersey years ago, and falling in love for the first time. At the store, I saw a cute girl, thinking that I could be with someone like that if I wanted. I used to feel lonely by myself, but not anymore. I like this new found sense of freedom. I know that the right woman for me is out there, and it will be effortless when we meet. As I walked back home, it began to get darker. I knew that I was on an adventure; that life is a great adventure. I’ve gone to the store thousands of times in a car, and none of those moments compared to this. I felt strong as my legs carried me home. I pictured a camera zooming up and out, and that my True Self was watching me.



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2 thoughts on “Sublime Days”

  1. great visual you write. thanks.. here in Seattle, (I come from Philly and east coast too – Rehobath beach as a kid…) we get tons of rain and I have come to see it as it falls on me that it is a sweet abundance of life- the picture you posted (river and trees) would not be present if it weren’t for that sweet rain. I have become thankful for it, whenever I feel it. “a new sense of freedom” has got to be one of the best feelings out there. And the absolute BEST GIFT YOU GIVE TO YOURSELF!! i’m happy for you…. 🙂 mikey

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