The Stream of Well-Being

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Inspired by the Teachings of Abraham, as well as my own ideas over the years, this illustration represents The Stream of Well-Being; the stream of energy that flows throughout the Universe.

You can find this diagram on the Resources pages. What follows are some very brief descriptions, which I’ll elaborate upon in future articles.

Source Energy: The Source of All-That-Is; Pure Positive Energy; The Highest Vibration.

The Vortex: The Vortex of Creation; Vibrational Reality; Pre-Manifested Desires.

The Flow: The momentum of the Stream which keep all things moving. We are here.

The Stream: The inevitable expansion of All-That-Is.

While it looks like the Stream is flowing in a linear direction, it’s actually flowing outward from everywhere on a scale I can’t even begin to describe. It can only be contemplated and felt. Everything is the center of its own Universe.



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