Living from the Inside Out

My intention when I write an article for GBM is to be in a state of alignment and high vibration, and for the most part, I am. That’s been my intention from the start, whether I realized it or not.

On this blog, at least, I’ve wanted to speak my truth, and overall it’s been a good thing for me to do, but there’s a quote from Abraham that I’m taking to heart:

Speak what you mean, that feels good when you speak it.

So I’m not as intent on speaking my truth these days, as I am in speaking what I mean, that feels good when I speak it. To speak what I mean is saying words, either to myself or others, that reflect how I’m really feeling, as long as it feels good. If it feels bad, it’s better not to speak it. It can be an interesting challenge, but it yields magical results.

I’ve reached a point – a leap of faith – where I simply won’t do anything that’s motivated by external conditions. This decision is, in part, based upon what I’ve learned through life experience, and partly because it makes me feel ill just to think about it.

I want to live from the inside out, and see no reason to do otherwise. Some people live almost exclusively from the outside in, or try to make compromises, but I’ve found that making this kind of compromise is a mediocre way of life. It splits our energy away from doing what we’re inspired to do.

I want to take inspired actions, not make fearful reactions. For example, some people say that there are things in life that you just have to do, but I don’t see it that way. To me, thinking that you have to do something is based upon fear; fear of disapproval, loneliness, loss, rejection, pain, death, or whatever. It’s understandable why these fears would motivate us to do things, but it’s still a fearful and reactionary way to live, and keeps us in (self-imposed) bondage. The things we fear, control us.

Doing anything because of what other people expect, or out of obligation, or people-pleasing, or some other perceived threat, has become unpalatable to me. It may take some courage and time to go from living from the outside in, or half-in half-out, to fully living from the inside out, but it’s worth it.

Living from the inside out allows me to do and say things that I mean, and feels good to me when I do or say them. I believe it’s a way of life that is authentic and based upon what I love and value, and has no ulterior motives other than my own alignment, freedom, and joy, which I also want others to have for themselves. I don’t have to manipulate anyone into giving me anything. Living from the inside out gives each of us the keys to our own kingdom.



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