May the Force/Source Be with You

LukeIt’s interesting how I ended up being Luke Skywalker. Like him, I started off naive, enthusiastic, and action-oriented, wanting more than anything to leave my humble beginnings and go on a grand adventure, but then I gained some life experience, dealt with my father/son issues, and grew to understand and respect the power of the Force/Source.

Although Luke was the hero of Star Wars, I always admired Han Solo, and sometimes I’ve been more like Han than Luke, but as it turns out, I’ve been on the path of the Jedi all along.

Taking action used to be the first thing I did in any situation, but now I’d rather use the power of my mind. Whereas in the past, I’d get the urge to take action, or do something just because I didn’t know what else to do, or tried to fix problem after problem, or any other reaction caused by a disturbance in the Force/Source, I now find it more powerful and satisfying to raise my vibration, observe what happens around me, and take inspired action.

That’s the Jedi Master’s way of doing things.


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