Being Invincible

The things I want in life, and the things I don’t want in life, are becoming clearer and clearer. I know how I want to feel, how I want to be treated, and what I want to accomplish. I have found alignment with my True Self, and awareness of the Source within me.

I’ve asked powerful questions of the Universe:

Who am I?

How can I be a great man, live a great life, and do great things?

How can I be the creator of my own reality?

The Universe hears me every time, and always answers. I can’t ask for and desire what I desire, and not be dramatically changed and transformed in the process. I’m learning to gracefully and not-so-gracefully get out of my own way.

Every bit of contrasting experience, every situation that I thought was good or bad, every supposed misstep, mistake, and regret, every single tear that I’ve shed, every bit of laughter, joy, ecstasy, heartbreak, longing, and loneliness, has faithfully, methodically, steadily, and with utmost grace led me to know who I really am, and how to own my true power.

Everything that isn’t born within me now strikes the wrong chord; it doesn’t resonate with my True Self, and everything that does resonate with my True Self, I align with, and pledge my loyalty to. These are interesting times, and I’m the rare kind of person that, try as I might, hasn’t quite figured out how to fit in, but more importantly, realize that this is my greatest strength.

Great people know they’re great, and geniuses know they’re geniuses, otherwise they would conform. It’s not about being arrogant, it’s about being true to yourself. Everyone has the potential to be great, but that doesn’t mean they’ll realize it. We all have the Source within us, our inner genius, but that doesn’t mean we all know it.

I look to the greatest of teachers for guidance; alive or dead, physical or non-physical. I feel like the great masters flow through me in all my endeavors. I talk directly to the Universe, and I happily align with my True Self.

I’ve wanted to be strong, independent, and masculine.

I’ve wanted to be calm, cool, and confident.

I’ve wanted to be a man who is getting better every day.

Now I want to be invincible.



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