Changing Your Vibration

The vibration of caring about something, and the vibration of enjoying it may seem to be the same at first glance, but are actually very different. Caring about something has the vibration of fear, while enjoyment has the vibration of love.

This is an important insight when it comes to manifesting what we want. Think about something you desire, and see if you care about getting it or not. The caring part is the vibration of fear that’s keeping it away. The key is to want something, yet not care about getting it, and the key to doing that is to free your emotions from external conditions. If you can be happy without the thing you want, the thing you want will come to you.

A personal example is that I desire to have more money, but as soon as I start to care about whether I’ll get it or not, how it will happen, when it will happen, or what I’ll have to do in order to get the money, there’s fear that I can feel in my solar plexus, and that tells me what my vibration is regarding money, at least if I continue to care about it. The fear will keep the money away, or even if I do get some money, I’ll have fear about spending it. That’s the way the Universe works. What manifests is based upon vibration.

To attract money, and have it flowing abundantly, I need to enjoy everything that having money will afford me. What if I had the money I wanted, and it’s flowing easily in and out of my life? I’d feel confident, and I’d appreciate the things that money can buy. I’d go about my day without worrying about money at all. This is true of anything; love, health, etc.

What if I want to buy something, eat at a restaurant, or have a car, and I don’t have the money to do that? I can still appreciate all of those things, and look forward to having the money to pay for them. It isn’t about positive thinking, it’s about changing your vibrational stance on life.

What happens is that when we want something, we tend to focus on the lack of it. We notice all the things we can’t have or do because of the thing we’re missing. This leads to excuses, justifications, and reasons about why things are the way they are. This creates a self-perpetuating belief system that keeps us stuck, and the only way out is to change our vibration from fear to love.

You have to be able to enjoy having a desire, and not care about whether it will manifest or not. When your happiness doesn’t depend upon outcomes, then life becomes fun and easy. That’s the vibration of certainty, confidence, faith, and love. The Universe will respond in kind.



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