Defining Our Own Beliefs


I’m enjoying going for walks, and talking to myself, which isn’t really talking to myself, because I’m talking to my inner guides. I’m also talking to the world around me; the sky, the trees, the flowers, and I make up songs as I go along.

This is a new way of life for me; living without having to explain or justify myself. I’m creating my own reality, physically and metaphysically. It’s not that certain habits and patterns of thought have completely disappeared, but I’m able to push the reset button on them much easier. I’m more aware of my vibration, and I can do things to shift the momentum. I realize that it’s not about my actions, it’s about my alignment with my True Self. Earlier, my vibration was hovering around overwhelmed, but now it’s closer to contentment.

Thoughts and beliefs play a big role in our vibrational output. I think beliefs shape our whole experience and perception of life. Beliefs act as our filters, and they can’t be faked, at least not to ourselves, or to the responsive Universe. We can create our own reality, but it’s limited by our (limited) beliefs. Learning to mold and work with our beliefs is a vital skill to practice if we want to be masters of our reality. Otherwise, we’re at the mercy of consensual reality; the reality we were born and indoctrinated into. There’s a collective consciousness, and it has its own set of beliefs, but we must connect to the Source within, and define our own beliefs if we want to be and know who we really are.



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3 thoughts on “Defining Our Own Beliefs”

  1. It’s a long journey traveling back to yourself after many years of believing conditioned realities but you’ve shown that with effort it’s possible and most rewarding journey. Without belief everything else is like vapor. Thanks for the post


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