Defining (and Aligning) with Your True Self

What does it mean to be aligned, and what does it mean to be aligned with your True Self? These are terms that I’ve been using more and more on GBM.

Here’s the dictionary definition of alignment:

  • arrangement in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions.
  • the act of aligning parts of a machine.
  • the route or course of a road.
  • a position of agreement or alliance.

I like those definitions. So aligning with your True Self could mean arranging yourself in the correct relative position with your True Self, being in agreement or alliance with, and loyal to your True Self, which is your journey, path, or road through life.

Then you might ask: What’s my True Self? Let’s first define the word “true”:

  • in accordance with fact or reality.
  • authentic or genuine.
  • real or actual.
  • accurate or exact.
  • loyal or faithful.

Now, let’s define “self”:

  • a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others.
  • oneself, in particular.

Taking those definitions into account, my definition of True Self goes something like: The experience of reality (or life) from the perspective of a person’s essential being, which is authentic, genuine, and real to oneself.

Once you decide that it’s important enough for you to align with your True Self, the next step is to learn what it feels like, and practice it every day.



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