A Time of Awakening


I’ve offered many good words on GBM over the years, but now I’m learning the difference between knowing what to say, and knowing how to be. I asked for answers, and received them. I’ve communicated those answers on this blog.

The words I’ve written still resonate with my inner guidance. The difference is that I’m now embodying what I write about. I’m going from knowledge to knowing.

I’ve talked about freedom – having a deep desire be free, wondering what freedom is, and how to have it – and the result is that, whether I like it or not, I know freedom, and it isn’t what I’ve been taught while growing up. It isn’t a person, place, or thing.

To me, freedom is knowing myself to the deepest, most central, emotional, energetic, vibrational, and spiritual core; to be able to feel and know who I am without flinching. Without knowing who I am, I’m at the mercy of everyone and everything.

I’ve noticed that we have a tendency to run away from knowing who we really are, although that’s what we’re looking for. We look to others to figure out how we’re supposed to be, when our spirit is always showing us the way. That’s a disempowering and insecure way to live.

I’ve also noticed that things are shifting. With the internet, people are able to unplug themselves from force-fed beliefs and information. They’re able to seek and speak their own truth.

In society, the facade is breaking down. So called adults, elders, and leaders aren’t able to fake their way through life anymore. People are seeking answers to deep questions. They want masters and teachers that know what they’re talking about, and the answers are coming from the collective unconscious, the non-physical, the spiritual, the Universe.

I know there are those who have been awakened in some way to who they really are from reading the words I’ve written, and that’s because who we really are is continually guiding us to the answers we’re seeking. I’ve chronicled my own awakening; waking up from the confusion, and waking up to the clarity.

The greatest value to be had from anything outside of our self, is whether it rings true with what is inside of our self.



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