Thoughts on Vibration

I like being aligned with my True Self, and I like putting words together. It’s the best when I’m aligned with my True Self, and then put words together.

Something like 80% of the thoughts that come to my mind are off from my alignment with my True Self, which means I’ve practiced focusing on those thoughts, so it’s easy for them to show up. My new practice – the 20% – is to think about how I want to feel.

It’s helpful for me to check my current vibrational output, which I look at as a mix of my present moment thoughts and emotions. That’s what I mean when I say “I feel” something. Presently, I feel content, bordering on appreciation. Appreciation is probably the easiest positive emotional state for me to reach for.

If I feel overwhelmed, I realize that it means my desire level is very high – which means I’m summoning a lot of energy – but there are resistant beliefs that are activated, and that causes me to feel overwhelmed. The key is to not resist the resistance. I talk to myself deliberately, and with powerful intention, but I also soothe my resistance.

Negative emotions are best thought of as resistance, because that’s a more neutral way of focusing on them. I say things like “I’m feeling resistance here.” I focus on easy to reach for positive emotional states, like appreciation, contentment, and unconditional love (acceptance). I have statements of intention that work as mantras:

I want to be aligned with my True Self.

I want to feel for, easily find, and gently follow the path of least resistance to my well-being.

When I notice that things are improving, and I’m feeling positive, I affirm it by saying things like “I am feeling better; I do feel aligned with my True Self; I believe I’m on the right track; I accept myself unconditionally.”

The key is to associate feeling good with getting good results.



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