Releasing Resistance


It’s been an interesting few days, and I’ve been feeling emotional, and sore. I’ve been taking meditative walks, which is one of the highlights of my day. The overall theme has been one of releasing resistance.

There have been tears, and even now they’re close to the surface, but I realize that’s what I’ve been resisting. They’re tears of joy, sadness, and most importantly, relief. I feel relieved that I’ve found myself. I really wandered far from who I am, but I was always guided back. Now, with substantially less resistance to being who I truly am, I see everything with more clarity.

My life (again) makes sense. My days and nights have the kind of depth and meaning I’ve always wanted. I wanted every moment of my life to be worth it, and now I know that it is. I see that there’s a reason for everything. Living a halfway life is pointless to me; I want to live a full life.

I asked and asked for the meaning of it all, and I was answered. After releasing the resistance – which was like unplugging my ears after so long – the sound of my own soul swept over me. I’ve known the deepest sorrows, and the highest joys. Now I know that I can choose how I want to feel.



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