New Beginnings


It’s been a mind-blowing and consciousness expanding week. I’ve been preparing for this level of transcendence for a while. Between listening to Abraham, Bashar, my own inner guidance, going for walks, and doing things that lead to my highest excitement and joy, I’ve reached glorious heights of self-awareness. As I look down, I can see where I’ve been, how far I’ve come, and what it all meant, and it brings tears to my eyes, which is my physical way of releasing resistance, and feeling the unconditional love of my True Self.

I like to think that I’ve been on a journey to find pieces of my soul that were scattered to the winds, and when I find a part of who I am, I know it, and it’s exhilarating. I see it as a game between me and my True Self. I love the feeling of seeing how all the pieces fit together. I’ve aligned with, connected to, and felt my True Self, and it acts as a bright beacon for me to follow. It always has, but sometimes it was covered by fog.

I know I’ve truly changed because there’s nothing I can think of that I’m not looking at with a different lens. When the old lens – distorted and cracked – falls back into place, it’s obvious, and I know how to replace it. I know that I accept, allow, and respect all parts of myself now. This unconditional love and self-acceptance makes everything I’ve experienced worth it, and is one of the themes of my life. I can see through all the deceptions, illusions, and lies in my own mind, and in the mind of the collective (un)consciousness.

I’m not perfect, because that would imply that my journey has ended, and the truth is that every step along this eternal journey is a new beginning. I’ve written about all of these things before, but to know it in my heart, and carry it with me forever, is beyond words.



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