Encountering Core Beliefs


I’ve written about how it sometimes feels like I’ve been caught in a labyrinth of the mind. I envision the labyrinth as the belief systems and structures we build to protect our vulnerable sense of self. The labyrinth has many self-perpetuating tricks, but with the help of my True Self, I’ve been able to see through its illusions, and now I find myself at the center of the labyrinth, where my core beliefs are kept.

One of the core beliefs is positive, and one of them is negative. I can see them in their pure, energetic state. The core positive belief is that the most joyful, exciting, and powerful thing for me to be is myself, who I really am, and aligned with my True Self. The core negative belief is that it’s more painful for me to be who I really am, do what I want to do, live the way I want to live, feel how I want to feel, than to be a false version of myself, which is still painful, but not as painful as being my True Self. The negative belief says it’s better to be a shadow of who I really am.

The positive belief is about expansion, freedom, and joy. The negative belief is about contraction, bondage, and fear. I stand at the center of these core beliefs in a place of neutrality. By seeing them for what they are, and validating their existence and worth, I transcend them. I become bigger than my beliefs. There’s a way for both positive and negative beliefs to co-exist in harmony. All things that exist have a right to exist. To go against this universal law is asking for trouble. My core positive belief is one of love. My core negative belief is one of fear.

The solution is a paradox; unconditional love for both.



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