Adjusting to Higher Vibrations

As my consciousness expands, I’m finding that I’m also going through physiological changes. At first, it felt like I was coming down with a fever, but then I realized that my body was adjusting to higher vibrations.

I’ve had profound realizations about the nature of reality, and I’m re-defining my beliefs to be in alignment with my True Self. It’s quite literally blowing my mind to bits, and as my mind “reforms” itself (figuratively and literally), I find myself living in a higher vibration reality. I know that I’m not sick because it actually feels nice, like I’m being soothed and caressed from the inside out, and because the tingly feeling goes away.

My emotional set-point has shifted. I was vibrating at lower frequencies like anger, sadness, fear, depression. It’s shifted to contentment, peace, and love most of the time.

I now have a great relationship with my higher mind. I’d been trying to think about too many moving parts, which my physical mind wasn’t designed to do. Before I could let go of those responsibilities, I needed to trust that I actually had a higher mind, and that it had our best interest at heart (so to speak).

It felt more like a surrender, rather than trust, from the perspective of my physical mind, but I’d reached the deepest, darkest pit of despair, and when it felt like I couldn’t take it anymore, I found self-acceptance and self-love. It was my True Self.

I’m enjoying this feeling of love. To know that the opposite of love exists, makes the discovery of it that much sweeter.



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