Questioning Beliefs

Here’s a technique I learned from Bashar that helps you figure out what beliefs (or definitions) you have that are generating negative emotions. Negative emotions are meant to be indicators of beliefs that are self-limiting, not something to be wallowed in.

For example, if you feel fear, stop and ask yourself:

What would I have to believe is true about myself in this situation in order to feel the way I do?


If I did choose to move forward and be the self I prefer to be, what am I terrified will happen?

Usually it has to do with negative beliefs about self-doubt, self-invalidation, not being worthy, not being good enough, etc.

It’s been helpful for me to look at the underlying beliefs and definitions I have that are out of alignment with my True Self. Once I can consciously see them, they don’t make sense and seem illogical, and I’m able to withdraw my attention from them.



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