Cycles of Life

I’m writing this in my journal for the purpose of posting an article. I feel ready to work on GBM again.

I’ve always looked at my life as an adventure. Lo and behold! It is. Maybe it can be a fun adventure. I’m learning and realizing who I really am, what I’m about, what life means to me, and how to be happy and successful with other people.

I’ve opened myself to all levels of knowledge and wisdom over three decades. To some, I’m experienced. To others, I’m inexperienced. My spirit is eternal.

When I feel the connection to my True Self, I get emotional, like it’s a release and relief of preconceived notions and beliefs. Beneath all of the illusions I find something great and true. Tears well up when I feel appreciation; for love, life, loss, and laughter.

I’m publishing this from my phone. It’s another way for me to adapt to circumstances that seem almost unrecognizable. The journey to knowing my True Self is a path of realizing my self-worth.

I feel clear, stable, and whole now. Thanks for being on this journey with me.



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