Early Morning Missive

Here’s another one of my early morning missives. When I wake up, I always look for little things to appreciate. Then I have my first cup of coffee and write in my journal.

Adversity puts things into sharp focus, and I’m needing to be sharp these days. Everything is energy, and energy is vibrational. Being sharp means being conscious of what kinds of feelings certain thoughts generate. Then it’s about un-attending the bad feeling thoughts, which makes room for the good ones.

It seems like anxiety comes from a need to control conditions, and depression comes from blaming external factors for conditions. The worrying and blaming is the mental aspect of it, which manifests physically as anxiety and depression. The way out for me has been to seek truth and wisdom aka enlightenment.

If my life is an adventure (and it is), I find myself in a perilous situation, but it’s perilous like going down a powerful river. It can be a lot of fun, as long as I pay attention to what I’m doing. I’m practicing getting into the proper attitude/energy/state first, then watching what happens from that vantage point.

Thanks for joining me for this early morning missive.



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