The Number One Son

It’s been a transformative day. I just wrote about the Mother archetype, but it couldn’t exist without the Child, and in my case it’s the Only Child and Number One Son.

I often write about being great, and part of that is understanding humility. It seems to me that the greater you are, the more reason you have to be humble, because you know your true power. Humility isn’t the same as modesty. True humility is a sign of greatness.

After having the longest conversation I’ve ever had with my stepdad – which I asked him to have with me – I realized I did have things I could apologize for. I know that I chose to escalate the argument with my mom. So I apologized to her, because she’s my mom and I love her, and that’s more important than me being right.

Being the Number One and Only Son, I’ve needed to become aware of when my ego/pride is active (basically always). If the MOTHER is present you can be sure that the SON is also there.

This experience has inspired me to mobilize my energy in positive ways. I’m over worrying about what people think of me. I know what’s important in my life. I see that I can be a better man than I was before.



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