Week 17 of 2015

It’s the end of Week 17 of 2015 and the beginning of a new week. I’m sitting here in the dark on the living room floor of my parents’ apartment. It’s been a productive, challenging, transformative, and great week. The realizations and insights are swirling around in my mind.

I keep thinking of the phrase “letting go of the small in order to have the great” or something to that effect. It’s a theme that keeps popping up, and something I believe in.

For example, it’s clearer than ever to me the missteps I’ve taken over the years, especially in the relationship I had with the woman I love who broke up with me. It’s been a very painful experience, but now I know what I would do differently, so I gained something great from it. I also let go of the need for approval in order to stand up for myself. Since the need for approval is gone, the anxiety that went with it is gone, too. I had closure on several things, which frees up energy for new beginnings. The thought of starting anew is exciting.

I told the woman I love (maybe I’ll shorten it to TWIL) that I still wanted to be with her if she wanted to be with me. It seems like she’s already moved on, but it was important for me to let her know that she’s leaving a really great guy who truly loves her. My desire is for her to be as happy and successful as she can be – whether she’s with me or not – and I mean that.

I’m excited to be writing articles for GBM again. Week 18 is going to be another great week.



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2 thoughts on “Week 17 of 2015”

  1. Call it love or what you may but i firmly believe that when love or something like it finally walks away, its never entirely a loss. Its a path that lead us to some good for our growing.


    1. I never feel diminished by anything that happens, because I always learn something new, gain more experience, and understand myself better. When someone or something is gone, there’s a vacuum that’s left which feels empty at first, but it’s an opportunity to receive something even greater. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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