Seeing Clearly

I woke up this morning with a sense of inner peace and harmony. I felt like I was truly free for the first time in many years. My biggest fear in life was being disapproved of (and rejected, and abandoned), and now that I’ve experienced it, I know I’ll be OK. My energy had been split between wanting to express myself and the fear of disapproval, and I was deeply troubled and unhappy.

Now I find myself on the middle path, neither wanting or not wanting approval or disapproval from anyone. My approval comes from an inner source. I know who I really am, and that realization can’t be faked; it must be experienced and felt. I couldn’t see clearly because fear clouded my perception.

Life is now in high-definition for me. I’ve always felt that life is a journey, but now I’m at peace with the journey. There’s no place to go, and nothing to do, only ways of expressing and enjoying myself. I had a pernicious belief that I was the one who was making things happen. It took losing everything except the bare essentials for me to see that everything I had (of real value) had been given to me.



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