The Inner and Outer Family

I’ve talked about my outer family dynamics, and the effect it has had on me, but I know that I also have an inner family which has an equal (if not greater) effect. I have a multitude of friends and family living within my psyche. To have peace of mind, I’ve had to learn how to navigate amongst and negotiate with this inner pantheon.

The one doing the negotiation is my ego, and it must deal with the various sub-personalities. The ruler is the Self, although I haven’t always known that. It’s been a “return of the king” kind of experience. I can see how and why external society would reflect the internal one.

What I call the True Self is a wholistic, archetypal system that encompasses the inner and outer family. It means becoming conscious of the external personas that have been introjected, and the internal ones that are being projected. I believe that I’m called upon to not only live this knowledge, but also share it.



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