Living Your Philosophy

20150502-132741.jpgIt’s one thing to sit in your apartment and philosophize on your blog, but it’s another thing to be in the world and put your philosophy to the test. Less than a year ago I couldn’t have imagined my current situation being the way it is, although I had glimpses of it in my dreams. Just about everything that I didn’t want to happen, happened.

My self-improvement journey has been mostly about discovering who I truly am, and being loyal to that. The anxiety I felt was from putting my loyalty in other people, and feeling let down by them. I wasn’t sure how to honor, respect, serve, and love others, yet still be who I really am, and do what I wanted to do.

I needed to find my inner source of approval, love, and validation. Everything I’ve experienced so far has helped me to do that in some way. Rather than give people a list of empty words and hollow advice, I want to show people who are truly seeking that it’s not only possible, it’s inevitable, that you find your True Self. All it takes is a sincere desire to know who you really are, and a willingness to let go of who you are not, which I realize is sometimes easier said than done.



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